A stubborn problem

As a surgeon, you rely on an array of MRI and CT scans, but can't navigate them because the keyboard and mouse that control them aren't sterile. 

An elegant solution

The GestSure system uses advanced sensors that allow you to access your imagery through simple hand gestures.

To get around this, you're forced to either:

  • Scrub out, consult the imagery, then leave the OR to scrub back in. This process can take up to 10 minutes: Precious time when a patient is anesthetized, and expensive at an OR time cost of $62/minute.
  • Wait for a non-sterile circulating nurse to become available, but that too takes time - and the nurse doesn't know the case or the anatomy the way you do.

From your operating table position, you employ a simple set of gestural commands that allow you to do anything you would with a conventional mouse. 

And as advanced as the technology is, to the operating room computer it's no different than a standard USB input device. That means there's no need to install special software or drivers, and it requires minimal hospital IT support. In fact, it's compatible with all medical imaging viewers, today.



Allows for fast, reliable access to information at the point of care.
Eliminates the need to bridge the sterile field and risk surgical site infection.
✓ Reduces surgery time and cost ($420-620 per scrub-out).
Easily integrates into OR environment with no special software or drivers.